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3/07 through 3/29/2017
March Chick Schedule

March Chick Schedule

In-store Event
  • Arriving March 1:
    Partridge Rock Pullets
    Cal X White Leghorn Pullets
    Speckled Sussex Pullets
    Turken (Naked-Neck) Pullets
  • Arriving March 8:
    New Hamp Pullets
    Black Australorp Pullets
    Silver Wyandotte Pullets
    Sicilian Buttercup Pullets
  • Arriving March 15:
    Brown Leghorn Pullets
    Black Sex-Link Pullets
    Golden Wyandotte Pullets
    Blue Wyandotte Pullets
  • Arriving March 22:
    Ameraucana Pullets
    Rhode Island Red Pullets
    Barred Rock Pullets
    Buff Orpington Pullets
  • Arriving March 29:
    White Leghorn Pullets
    Black Giant Pullets
    Speckled Sussex Pullets
    Maran Pullets