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4/01 through 4/30/2015

2015 April Chick Calendar

In-store Event

April 2015 Chick Calendar
The following list is subject to change due to hatching availability and shipping. 

Remember Pullets are 90% female. St. Run are not sexed and any Sex Link chicks are 100% female. Hens will start producing eggs between 4-6 month with proper nutrition.

Friday, April 3:

100- Ameraucana Pullets - Colored Egg Producers
100-Prod Red Pullets - Brown Egg Producers
100-White Leghorn Pullets - White Egg Producers
30-Crested Ducks

Thursday, April 9:

20-Rare Turkey Assortment - Four Breeds
20- BB White Turkeys
30-Assorted Frizzle Bantams
30-Assorted Sebrights

 Friday, April 10:
25-Buff Orpington Pullets - Brown Egg Producers
25-Blue Wyandotte Pullets - Brown Egg Producers
25-Maran Pullets - Dark Brown Egg Producers
25-Welsummer Pullets - Dark Brown Egg Producers

Wednesday, April 15:
25-Fast White Broilers ST Run

Thursday, April 16:
25-Assorted Crested & Polish

Friday, April 17:
50-Ameraucana Pullets - Green Egg Producers
50-Black Australorp Pullets - Brown Egg Producers
50-Red Sex Link Pullet - Brown Egg Producers

Thursday, April 23:
20-BB-Bronz Turkeys

Friday, April 24:
50-Americana Pullets - Green Egg Producers
50-Production Red Pullets - Brown Egg Producers